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Yoga Burn Review

Yoga Burn Review

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Will it help you to lose weight and de-stress?

Lotions potions and snake oil?  Can yoga burn really help you?

We are often inundated with yet another way to burn fat. Breathing? pills, diets and all manner of weird and wonderful ways. Is yoga burn any good and will it help you is all you need to know.

Losing weight is very individual and hormonal issues after 40 can often leave us feeling will anything ever work. So stumbling across yoga burn made me take a second look and do a bit of research. Maybe you have slim friends who do the yoga classes in their lycra and a class isn’t for you.
Yoga is no doubt a great way to keep healthy at all ages, it seems even to prolong your flexibility and stamina. women of all ages shapes and sizes can do yoga and often late into their twilight years. So is yoga burn any good for you and what do you get?

Zoe’s program has 3 main phases and each last 4 weeks. A total of 12 weeks, which is designed to enhance your strength, flexibility and stress management on top (we all need that don’t we?). It also aims to help you with weight loss. It’s in a video format so you can either download it or have the physical DVDs. I always prefer to have a physical product as I can take it wherever and don’t have to reply on the laptop or fill up my hard disk, but some people like to get immediate access, so its great for both preferences, whichever you choose.

yoga burn phases

Phase 1 – The Foundation phase

For the beginners to build up the foundations of yoga and for those more experienced to get used to the program. Beginners can build up to be able to do the next progressions. In this phase, strength and flexibility are the main goals and are suitable for even the most unfit and those who have had a break from fitness for one reason or another and have lost their endurance. Surprisingly easy to do the poses and become more flexible to be able to move and adapt more.


Phase 2 – The Transitional Phase


Weeks 5 – 8 are the base for building muscle and improve your strength and flexibility that was gained in phase 1 (week 1-4). There are some unique poses and its designed to motivate you by the changes you witness in your bodes strength and muscle tone. There are yoga sequences that target specifically, stress and mood enhancement.


Phase 3 – Mastery Flow Phase


Weeks 9-12 are where the previous 8 weeks are built upon to see true visible body transformation, as you improve on the achievements of the previous weeks and do poses that you never thought you could.


Is it for you?

Targeted at women specifically and any age group as you’d expect from a yoga course, it doesn’t discriminate on your age, size or anything else, its works for everyone.

Who is Zoe and is she qualified?

zoe bray cotton course instructor review page

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a personal trainer and certified yoga instructor. Like many yoga teachers she is keen to share her knowledge and help women like us to get the best out of yoga. It’s gentle and suitable for all, although I would check with a doctor if you have any health issues.

Whats good about it?

If you’re like me and don’t like taking group classes because of travel time, cost of the classes or you simply prefer a one on one approach this step by step course could be for you. Simple to follow with a few unique moves, each session has a lot to offer.
Beginners and more experienced alike can benefit as the advanced can enhance their moves for even better results.
As you’d expect from yoga it can help you lose weight, tone up, enhance your mood and increase your metabolism. The feeling of wellbeing can help you become a healthier, happier version of yourself.
There’s an audio version too for those of you that prefer to listen rather than watch.

Its good value! A normal yoga class will costs you in the region of £7-8 per session. The whole course is only just over £55 GBP including shipping etc and less if you are paying in USD$. So that’s half of what you’d pay for classes, plus you could do it every day for the same price as only one session! No brainer really. Many of the comments I’ve seen from others say that its good for stretches, works up a sweat, easy to follow and overall a good purchase


What’s not so great?

As with any program you have to do it to see results. So you have to be motivated enough to watch and do each session. Maybe this is your time to take care of yourself and put it in the diary as if you were going to a class, then spend the time on yourself as you deserve it. Apparently Zoe is so keen to send encouraging emails that you get quite a few, but of course you can unsubscribe if you are not happy with that.

Worth giving it a go?

I’d say so. If you do the program properly you’re sure to see some great results and she also gives you a 60 day 100% money back guarantee too.

So, if you’re like me and looking to avoid the classes but want to experience and enjoy the benefits of yoga, this may be what you’ve been waiting for.



If you’ve used Yoga Burn too I’d love to hear your comments below and whether you were a beginner or have been doing yoga for a long time.

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