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Drinking Turmeric Powder and adding it to food – benefits

The Amazing Benefits of Turmeric

turmeric benefits drinking turmeric tea

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric grows in the forests of South and Southeast Asia. It’s one of the key ingredients in Southeast Asian cuisines. I am pretty sure to most of us turmeric is just like any other spice out there but that’s because you aren’t aware of the wonders this magical spice can do, besides it’s culinary uses like adding a tad bit of yellow color and taste to your food. Mostly it is used in savory dishes but some cakes require a little turmeric powder as well. Turmeric without a doubt is the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. Turmeric possesses bioactive compounds that have powerful medicinal properties. These compounds are known as curcuminoids, the essential of which is curcumin (only 3% available). It is the main active ingredient in turmeric and is a vital anti-oxidant that has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

 So what can this yellow powder Turmeric do?

Cancer is the world’s deadliest disease and even the doctors can never be certain if the patient suffering through it will live for long or not, but turmeric may hold a cure for prostate (and other) cancer. Cauliflower, when combined with turmeric, has also proven to show the prevention of prostate cancer and even stop the growth of existing cancers.

It is said to reduce the risk of childhood leukemia.

Turmeric is a natural painkiller, it does wonders for stomach cramps when mixed with warm milk. It’s a nice comforting drink and I use almond milk rather than dairy.

It has also been used in Chinese medicines as a treatment for depression which is another debilitating disease.(If you have depression you should contact your doctor for advice).

As well as some interesting health benefits, Turmeric has a lot of beauty benefits to offer you as well.

Natural” Beauty benefits that turmeric has to offer:

You can mix it with some castor oil for skin detox. It is allegedly a powerful toxin releaser for your skin.

Turmeric is also known as an anti-bacterial agent for years and the paste has been used for generations to heal cuts and burns as it keeps the bacteria away.

Turmeric paste mixed with some milk and a spoon of honey with two drops of lemon cures acne and no pimple can ever take over the glow of your skin, that irritating pimple right there on your forehead can be gone now.Ive not tired this yet as turmeric also stains so will give you and update on the results. If you’ve tried it comment below and let em know how you got on.

Anti-ageing- Turmeric also provides a great relief to aging skin. Even today the brides and grooms in some cultures celebrate the tradition of applying turmeric paste on their skin. If mixed with equal amounts of gram flour and milk it makes a great exfoliate and makes your skin glow as if you’re just 16. Make sure to scrub it off in a circular motion without using soap when dried. Once again if you have pale skin like me you may wish to do a patch test to see if it stains your skin.

It is said to controls the growth of facial hair if applied daily by slowing down their growth.In fact some people have shown that it actually stops growth. I’m going to try this on a leg or foot first.

It keeps the skin elasticity intact making you feel young and fresh as ever. If you like natural remedies this may be one for you. The more research I do the more I find that retinoids and retin A (only available on prescription) appear to the the best for collagen and skin rejuvenation. But there are a lot of side effects. So it depends what you prefer.

Turmeric lightens pigmentation by evening out your skin tone, this is one of the reasons why many leading beauty brands use turmeric as one of  their key ingredients . More information and a recipe for turmeric tea in the video below.

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2 Comments on Drinking Turmeric Powder and adding it to food – benefits

  1. says:

    However you choose to make it, you can rest assured that you re healing your body from head to toe with the medicinal powers of the humble turmeric root.

    1. Jo Tricker Healthy Living Lady says:

      I like it best in almond or coconut milk, but I also add it to foods. It can stain though..

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